Automobile Detailing

We do steam cleaning & detailing of cars, bikes, buses, etc.

Commercial & Residential

We do steam cleaning for commercial & residential interiors.

Hospital & Hotels

We clean without any chemical & so no harm for the visitors.

Keep Your Comfort Zone Shining Everytime!

For an ultimate shining… We are here for you!

Being in your comfort place means a lot for you. Keeping it cool and shine is very important. We make half of your job done by making your space extra clean and tidy using steam technique. We do automobile steam cleaning & detailing like car, bike, bus, etc. Also we do interior steam cleaning of commercial, residential, hotels & restaurants, medical industry and so on. 'Cleanliness' - covering all nooks & corners !
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  • Quality Is Our Company Hallmark.

    Quality determines the sucess of every company. We only use high quality products for cleaning purpose. Depending on the selected package, our professionals gives you a complete shine for your vehicle/space.

  • Top Professionals Working Hard To Shine.

    We have well experienced team for cleaning your space/vehicle. Whatever we do, we do it in the best level and our teams hardwork is all behind the success of our company.

  • Low Price And High End Services.

    We are successfull in our journey becouse of our happy clients. We care our customers as they are the king for us. We do everything in its best way and price without compromising the quality.

What we focus on

Our vision & mission

Our main vision is our growth along with our client satisfaction and our mission is to make perfection in all our actions. We aim to be a global leader in complete cleaning & shining industry. We assure our best services for you and your vehicle/spaces in our company outskirts.
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Let Your Vehicle Shine All Over Your Journey!

For an ultimate shining… We are here for you!

We do steam washing of car, bike, bus, van. etc. We clean & sterilise the inetriors giving a new look for the upholstery. We do polishing, other extra coating like ceramic, nano, etc to make the vehicles shine like brand new.
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Our Services

We are here for you to help...!

Exterior Steam Cleaning Of Vehicles

Our expert crew performs a stress free car wash within the limited time. It gives a complete dirt free exterior surface giving a new & fresh look.

Interior Steam Sterilisation Of Vehicles

Conditioning the car interiors to customer expectation is our objective, ensuring a new car feeling in the eyes of you and others.

Engine And Upholstery Cleaning Of Vehicles

For a smotth and comfort journey, you need to clean your vehicle engine on a regular basis. We also do upholstery cleaning of vehicles.

Polishing And Ceramic Coating Of Vehicles

Body protection coating retains the car’s original paint finish by treating the exterior with the latest in waxes, sprays, coats - giving an extra shine.

Oil Changing Of Motorbikes And Cars

Doing an oil change on a regular basis is one of the most important steps you can take to keep your car or bike in good running condition.

Steam Cleaning Of Home, Office & Hospital Interiors

Steam cleaning with industrial grade equipment for almost all surfaces – complete sterilization without application of cleaning solutions.

Our Franchise Types

Dont Wait Further, Check For Our Franchises...!

Franchise Type 1

Door step on wheels/petrol station dealers
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Franchise Type 2

Ideal for Petrol stations.
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Franchise Type 3

Ideal for Petrol stations.
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Franchise Type 4

Ideal for Petrol stations.
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Franchise Type 5

Ideal for Petrol stations.
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Franchise Type 6

Ideal for Petrol stations.
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